Privacy Policy and Cookie Information

1. What is the purpose of the Privacy Policy and the Cookie Information? 

The purpose of the Privacy Policy is to describe how P81 Business Property OÜ („P81“) processes your personal data and what your rights regarding the data processing are. The purpose of the Cookie Information is to provide you information on what cookies P81 web page uses and how you can manage the cookies. 

To protect your personal data and to ensure that your personal data is processed in accordance with the law, P81 follows the requirements set forth in the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679.

2. Who is the controller of the personal data?

The controller of the personal data described in the Privacy Policy is P81 Business Property OÜ (registry code 11054507, address: Peterburi tee 81, 13816 Tallinn, e-mail for data protection related matters:

3. For what purposes and on what legal basis does P81 process personal data?

3.1. Leasing of commercial lease premises to lessees

P81 offers commercial lease premises. For that purpose, P81 processes the personal data of lessees (in case the lessee is a natural person) and of the representatives of lessees (in case the lessee is a legal entity). The personal data includes the lessee’s or the lessee’s representative’s name, contact information (including telephone, e-mail), position, invoice information and data related to the performance of the lease contract. The personal data processing is necessary for the conclusion and the performance of lease contracts, as well as for complying with the obligations of lessors set forth in the legislative acts.

For providing high quality service, P81 also manages the data base of lessees in which it processes the above-mentioned personal data. The legal basis for the processing is P81's legitimate interest in providing the service efficiently and ensuring the quality of the service. In the data base, personal data is processed only to the minimum extent necessary and only in the interests of the lessees. 

3.2. Communication with the Suppliers and other (including potential) Cooperation Partners

P81 processes its supplier’s contact person’s name and contact information, as such processing is necessary for the performance of the contract. In a situation where P81 turns to a supplier or to a potential co-operation partner itself, the legal basis for the processing of the personal data is P81’s legitimate interest in ordering goods and services or initiating other co-operation activities. As a rule, for turning to (potential) cooperation partners, P81 uses the contact information of the relevant legal entities and processes personal data only to the minimum extent necessary.

3.3. Ensuring security. Security cameras

P81 uses security cameras on the premises of Peterburi tee 81, Tallinn and in the surrounding territory. The purpose of the use of the security cameras is to ensure the safety and the protection of people and property. In addition, the purpose is to enable the identification of any unlawful acts and the submissions of legal claims and the objections to legal claims. For these purposes, P81 processes personal data on security cameras’ footage. Security cameras are not placed in locations where people would normally expect privacy.

In addition, P81 may process other personal data related to security incidents. The personal data may be collected and processed by e.g. security guards on the premises. Additionally, P81 has the right to check the ID document of the visitors of Peterburi tee 81, Tallinn premises and its territory.

The legal basis for the personal data processing is P81’s legitimate interest to ensure the protection of the health and property of the employees and all other visitors of the territory of Peterburi tee 81, Tallinn, as well as to enable efficient legal protection.

The above mentioned data may be made accessible to P81’s service providers (AS G4S Eesti, 1Partner Advisory OÜ and the cooperation partner of the latter - 1Partner Haldus OÜ), to law enforcement authorities and, in justified cases, to the contact persons of P81 lessees.

The security camera records are stored for at least 1 month in accordance with the Security Act and the security incidents data is stored until the final resolution of the incident.

3.4. Fire Safety Requirements

To comply with the requirements of the Fire Safety Act, P81 processes the following personal data of P81’s lessees’ contact persons and employees: name, contact information, company name, information on the introduction of the fire safety action plan. The personal data processing is required to comply with P81’s obligations set forth in the Fire Safety Act. The personal data is stored in accordance with the requirements of the Fire Safety Act.

4. What principles P81 relies on when setting storage periods for personal data?

P81 stores personal data for the period that is necessary for serving the purpose of the processing of the personal data; or for following the storage periods set forth by legal acts; or for the period which may be necessary for submitting a legal claim or for objecting a legal claim. For example, P81 stores the accounting source documents containing personal data (including contracts and invoices) for 7 years in accordance with the Accounting Act. For enabling submitting a legal claim or objecting one, P81 may store personal data in accordance with the limitation periods of the claims up to 3 years, and in the event of intentional breach, for 10 years.

5. Who has access to the personal data?

The personal data processed by P81 is accessible to P81 Board Member(s) and P81’s service providers for enabling providing services (e.g. AS G4S Eesti to enable providing security service; 1Partner Advisory OÜ to enable providing property management, security etc services). P81 has concluded a confidentiality agreement with its service providers.

6. Cookie Information. Which cookies are used on P81 web page?

P81 web page uses the following cookies:

Cookie nameExpiry periodDescription
2 years
Cookie stores statistical information on unique visitors of the web page.
30 minutes
Cookie stores statistical information to monitor the number of visits of the web page.
2 years
Cookie stores the language code of the web page last visited by the user.
You can opt out of cookies at any time by changing your device’s web browser settings and deleting the saved cookies.

7. What are your data protection related rights?

  • Pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation, a person has the right to
  • request the access to one’s personal data;
  • request erasure or rectification of one’s personal data;
  • restrict the processing of one’s personal data;
  • object to processing of one’s personal data;
  • request to transmit one’s personal data to another controller;
  • avoidance of using automated processing only for making a decision about the person;  
  • withdraw one’s consent in case the legal basis for processing is consent.

To exercise these rights, please contact P81 at These rights are not absolute, and regarding each request, P81 will analyse whether the request can be satisfied or not. P81 will respond to your request within one month of the receipt of the request. In the event it is not possible to perform the request within one month, P81 may extend the period by two further months, notifying the person about the extension together with the reasons for the delay within one month of the receipt of the request.

Please contact P81 at in case you have any data protection related questions or complaints. P81 will respond within one month of the receipt of the question or complaint. If you have not received a confirmation of receipt by email, please use other means of contact available.
If you are not satisfied with the way P81 has solved your request or complaint, please notice that you also have the right to contact the Data Protection Inspectorate (address: Tatari 39, Tallinn 10134; e-mail:; telephone: 627 4135).


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